About Unsuburbaned

Unsuburbaned is a moniker I began using online a little while ago on Twitter to post tweets or links related to one aspect of my identity that, so far, if I were to only use one word it would be this one I made up: “Unsuburbaned” — the perfect word to describe one perspective on life that sees through the lens of someone who spent their first 18 years of life in an American suburb, during the 1970s and 80s. However! She has since been “unsuburbaned.” In other words, since then, she has…
(1) Lived in NYC for more than a decade (and located her soul’s true home there).
(2) Driven across the country with only her dog as companion.
(3) Written a draft of a sequel/homage to Travels with Charley.
(4) Traveled to Tajikistan to build a house as a volunteer.
(5) Began a Ph.D. program. And, taken a 10-year hiatus since completing the M.A.
(6) Worked full-time in an office in Greenwich Village for a few years, until October 2001.
(7) Lived as her true self, as challenging as that can sometimes be
(8) Been learning to live with the knowledge that being who you need to be can sometimes be very lonely–even with a good dog.
(9) Embraced urban life and felt so homesick when apart from it.
(10) Been practicing being fully present in each moment and practicing acceptance of whatever I encounter along the way. (I’m not quite perfect at this yet, though).


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